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Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of death among children under 4 and the second leading cause for children under 12? This alarming statistic deeply troubled Marina Mentzel, a highly experienced and passionate swim professional. Drawing from her extensive background in competitive swimming and water safety, Marina recognized the need for a significant change in the way children learn to swim and prioritize water safety.

Marina, driven by her passion and unwavering dedication, founded urSwim with a focus on providing swim instructions, lifeguard services, and pool management services, all focused on safety. Her goal was twofold: to offer high-quality swim lessons and to make water safety a top priority.

Word quickly spread about the effectiveness of urSwim's high quality swim lessons, and demand grew rapidly. Marina realized that this success could extend far beyond her local community. She believed that families across the country should have access to the same level of swim instruction and water safety, regardless of their location. To achieve this, she developed a franchise model that would allow urSwim to serve communities far and wide.

Our Story

Interested in bringing urSwim to your community?

We tailor swim programs to meet the unique needs of students, both children and adults, offering private and group swim lessons.

Our focus is on teaching survival floating, treading water, safe water entries, and exits, ensuring safety in and around the water. Once mastered, we focus on technical stroke development and endurance in the water.

We invest in hiring the best aquatics team, ensuring our instructors and lifeguards are experts in their fields.

Delivering a Superior Swim Experience:

Our Values:

At urSwim, our values guide every aspect of our services.

Water Safety is Our #1 Priority:

Skilled Aquatics Staff:

Meet Your Swim Captains

Jenny DeMichael

Jenny started working for urSwim in the Spring of 2022 as urSwim launched in Connecticut. Her passion for water safety quickly led to a growth in her title as New Haven County Manager. Jenny, following in her dad's footsteps, who was the Aquatics Director at the New Canaan YMCA for over 10 years, is a second generation Swim Instructor. Jenny inspires nurturing patience, encouragement and fun into her teaching skills. Her top priority is safety, while ensuring effective communication during the development of a child's technique and endurance.

Jenny is a proud mom to Carly, five bonus kids and Memaw to Alyssa. She spends most days with her dog Tank. When Jenny is not teaching she enjoys traveling, kayaking and most of all laughing every chance she gets.

New Haven County Manager

Isabella V.

Isabella (Bella) has been a part of the Urswim staff for almost 3 years! She attended undergrad and her graduate program at Sacred Heart University and is currently in her clinical rotations to become an Occupational Therapist (OT) She hopes to someday work in the pediatric setting in her future career as an OT!

Other interests besides being in the pool include teaching dance and theater, reading, and spending time with family & friends. Her teaching style revolves around creating a positive and supportive learning environment where swimmers feel comfortable and encouraged to progress at their own pace.

She believes in making the pool a fun place for all ages by adapting lessons from person to person and celebrating every milestone achieved along the way!

Swim Instructor - LAF Milford

Ideal for families who have their own pool or access to one, our individualized swim lessons are designed to accommodate varying swim levels.

At Home Swim Lessons:  WE COME TO YOU!

book new haven at-home swim classes

book new haven at-home swim classes

Our indoor swim classes are ideal for all ages and skill levels. Join us at local gyms, fitness studios, and pools near you.

Indoor Swim Classes: YOU COME TO US!

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book milford indoor swim classes


At urSwim, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your aquatic needs!

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