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Filter classes by swim level by clicking the filter button below. 


Filter classes by swim level by clicking the filter button below. 

To check if you or your swimmer is ready for each level of fun in the water, take a peek at the age criteria and skill levels needed. Make sure you've got the right age and the cool skills down before diving into the next swim level adventure! It's all about making sure everyone's splashing into the right level of watery fun!

Little Swimmers Swim Levels

Skills They’ll Learn:
  • Treading water
  • Submerging 5+ feet
  • Freestyle endurance with intro to rotational breathing
  • Independent elementary backstroke

Prerequisite Skills:
  • Roll from back to front float and vice versa
  • Independently swim freestyle for a minimum of 3 strokes
  • Independent swim backstroke for a minimum of 3 strokes
  • Tread for 5 - 10 seconds

Age:  4+ years old and up


  • 3 Second back float
  • 3 second front float
  • Front or back glide
Prerequisite Skills:
  • Independently goes underwater
  • Can independently complete one of the following skills:

Skills They’ll Learn:
  • Independently roll from back float to front float
  • Independently jump into water and recover to walk
  • Independently flutter kick and freestyle arms
  • Supported elementary backstroke
  • Supported treading

Age: 3+ years old


Skills They’ll Learn:
  • Independently back float for 3 seconds
  • Independently front float for 3 seconds
  • Flutter kick
  • Glides

Prerequisite Skills:
No previous experience required

Age: 3 years old OR 2.5 years old and have completed Baby + Me


Skills They’ll Learn:
  • Comfortability in the water
  • Breath control
  • Gaining independence
  • Supported floats
  • Supported kicks

Prerequisite Skills:
No previous experience required

Age: 8 months - 3 years old


Skills They’ll Learn:
  • “Pre-Team” practice/class
  • Building endurance
  • Introduction to changing speeds
  • Introduction to “swim sets”

Prerequisite Skills:
  • Able to swim for 30 minutes with minimal breaks
  • Swim 25+ yards freestyle
  • Swim 25+ yards backstroke
  • Swim 25 yards breaststroke
  • Swim 25 yards butterfly

Age: 8 years old and up


Skills They’ll Learn:
  • Butterfly arms and legs coordinated
  • 2 hand touch turns
  • Building endurance
  • Introduction to individual medley

Prerequisite Skills:
  • Swim 25 yards freestyle with rotational breathing
  • Swim 25 yards backstroke
  • Swim 25 yards breaststroke
  • Tread water for 60+ seconds
  • Dolphin kick 25 yards with a board

Age: 7 years old and up


Skills They’ll Learn:
  • Breaststroke arms and legs coordinated
  • Butterfly arms
  • Flipturns
  • Dives
  • Building endurance

Prerequisite Skills:
  • Independently swim freestyle with rotational breathing
  • Independently swim backstroke for full length of the pool
  • Knowledge of breaststroke kick
  • Tread water for 30+ seconds
  • Submerged dolphin kick for 5 - 10 yards

Age: 6 years old and up


Skills They’ll Learn:
  • Rotational breathing freestyle
  • Breastroke kick
  • Dolphin kick
  • Building endurance

Prerequisite Skills:
  • Independently swim freestyle for ½ length of the pool
  • Independently swim backstroke for ½ length of the pool
  • Tread water for 15 - 20 seconds

Age: 5+ years old and up


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced swimmer, our adult swim classes cater to all skill levels. From refining your strokes to boosting endurance, our instructors will help you achieve your swimming goals. It's never too late to become a confident swimmer, and our adult classes make it possible.

Adult Swimmers

What We Teach:
In our Adult Intermediate swim classes, we focus on refining your swimming skills and taking your abilities to the next level. You'll engage in a series of targeted drills designed to enhance your overall stroke techniques, ensuring you move through the water more efficiently. We also introduce breaststroke and butterfly strokes, allowing you to expand your repertoire and become a well-rounded swimmer. Additionally, we incorporate challenging workouts that boost your endurance, enabling you to swim longer distances with ease.

To enroll in this class, you should have prior experience swimming efficiently in both freestyle and backstroke, along with the endurance to swim 50 yards in either stroke without a break. Join us and take your swimming to new heights!


What We Teach:
In our Adult Beginner II program, you'll focus on refining your stroke techniques, mastering treading water, and developing the skills to build confidence and endurance in the water.

To enroll in our Adult Beginner II class, you should have a certain level of comfort in the water. This includes being familiar with the aquatic environment, feeling at ease with both front and back floats, having the ability to submerge your face in the water, maintaining breath control, and possessing a general understanding of arm and leg mechanics, with a focus on stroke technique.

Beginner II

What We Teach:
Our beginner program focuses on building confidence and independence in the water. You'll learn front and back floats, arm and leg mechanics to work towards a functional front crawl with rotational breathing, as well as arm and leg mechanics for a functional back crawl. We'll also cover treading water and provide valuable tips on how to become a safe and confident swimmer.

None! Just bring your eagerness to learn and respect for the water.

urSwim is excited to offer adults the opportunity to learn how to swim.




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Learning to swim as a family fosters team spirit, mutual support, and promotes a culture of safety. At urSwim, we focus on equipping every family member, from toddlers to grandparents, with the right techniques and confidence to tackle the waves and have fun while doing it.

Hear From Our urSwim Family!

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“We did lessons last year with urSwim and just signed up for another summer! From the owner to the office staff to the lifeguards everyone is so easy and a pleasure to deal with! Prior to the lessons my son- age 4 had such a fear of the water-we panicked as my parents just bought a house with an in ground pool..after the second lesson my son was begging to go in and was so excited to show everyone his progress! He is counting down the days until we can open the pool and his lessons can start!”

At Home Swim Lessons (We Come To You)

- Danielle S.

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“I can't say enough wonderful things about urSwim's programs. The instructors are incredibly thorough and knowledgeable, not only about swim instruction, but with teaching children in various age groups. My older child progressed more in his first few classes than he did after an entire summer of swim lessons at summer camp and my toddler was taught water safety while immersed in "play". The scheduling is flexible, they have an easy to navigate portal, and they've provided me with so much comfort regarding my children's water safety preparedness.”

- Jackie R.

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